NewBe Question about plugin parameters

Hello everyone !

I just have some questions that may seem very easy but I really didn’t find the solution!

I need, for my plugin host, to get informations about each parameters of each plugin used in the host (each node of the audioProcessorGraph). That means the type, the min and max values, etc…

Thanks for the help!

Someone’s got an idea?

Sorry, didn’t see your post.

The parameters are all scaled to the range 0->1, so I don’t think you’re missing anything! I shoudl probably extend it to allow the ranges to be specified, but haven’t got round to it yet.

Hi Jules and thanks for the answer.

Some of the parameters are not continuous and can take only few values.
I need to get those values for interpolation issues…
Any idea?

Please excuse my poor english… :?

Thank you!

Like I say, nothing like that is supported at the moment, it’s just an old VST-style 0->1 range.