No Audio output for Juce Plugin using Reaper

I have developed juce instrument plugin. If i tap any key from keyboard its showing red bars in right botton area, that shows output is available but there is no sound produced. I am newbie don’t know much about Reaper.

First posting the same issue several times is not going to get it solved faster, on the contrary!
Then, without any code, we can’t help you… Does the empty project work?

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Right. But i was just wondering around why the same plugin is working fine with VSTHost whereas on cubase and reaper its not producing sound. Is this something related to audio configuration of app or what?

That’s already more info than your original email where you didn’t even state that there are hosts that work.

So now, can you explain the full situation? JUCE version, hosts that work…

I am using JUCE 5.0.2 on macOS Sierra. Developed audio plugin in which i am uploading audio file and connect keyboard component with it. Currently just need to play audio from keyboard keys. Plugin was compiled successfully. But when i wish to test it on Reaper v5.40/64, It shows sound wave but not playing sound at all.

Seems like audio output buffer is generated successfully, thats why sound wave is moving in Reaper. If i try this build on VSTHost its playing sound correctly but in Reaper and Cubase Pro 9, its not working.

May be its something linked but when i followed this plugin example (JUCE/examples/PlugInSamples/Arpeggiator/), i got the same behavior output graph is changed but no sound. This code has the same behavior as my plugin but Arpeggiator is Effect where as my plugin is instrument.(By using option “plugin is synth = true”).

The Arpeggiator is not a synth. It’s a midi effect plug-in so you wouldn’t expect any sound. The red bar indicates midi events (I think). Try the juce plug-in demo or the multisynth example.