JUCE Plugin Host - Use of

Probably something so obvious as to be invisible. I have seached through forum topics even back to when Jules first announced the plugin host. Someone way back asked something similar but I didn't find a post that answered the question. I guess it got sorted or went away. I have working versions of the JUCE plugin host and the JUCE demo plugin on my mac environment (OSX 10.6.8, xcode 3.2.6, juce 3.2.0).  The two input lines are connected from input to the demo and similarly the outputs of the demo to the output. The midi is connected so the keyboard works. (sorry about the setup description .. my 58kB png image wouldn't upload). The audio settings available are Built-in Line Input, Built-in Digital Input, XVX Device, and <none>.  I have tried a number of combinations of settings but don't seem to be able to get a music track playing via the plugin host. What have I missed?

What do you mean by "get a music track playing" ?


I have just started on the journey of building AU plugins and have been working through the tutorials with good success. I have initially used an evaluation copy of Reaper to test them. In Reaper I selected a mp3 track, set it playing and, assessed the results of adjusting plugin parameters via the plugin GUI. All good there too. As I don't intend to continue using Reaper I saw the Plugin host and thought it would be a useful test environment so fired it up to look at it. It all looked pretty straightforward. My assumption was that the 'input' would allow me to select an audio file which I could then play through whatever plugin I connected between the input and output and listen to the effect. When I found there was no file select or player controls my next assumption was that it could intercept a music track that I played using itunes or whatever.

If it is supposed to do that then I can't make it work. If it isn't supposed to work in that way can it be used for the above testing process and if so how.

Thanks for getting back on the original Q so quickly, I really appreciate that.  

The hosting demo app is very minimal, it won't play a file. But you could obviously add a plugin that does play a file, or generates audio, and connect that to your plugin in the host. Or you could hack the host app or write your own host to do anything you need for testing.

Brilliant, just needed that confirmed, thanks very much