AudioPluginHost - How to play audio through it?


Ive been looking at the “extras” AudioPluginHost and it appears that it might be good to use this to test plugins. However I cant find a way to set an input that is just a .wav file etc or even route an input from a player like VLC or reaper etc.

Is this possible?

I can play an instrument through it but this is not realy useful to me. I may also be able to do some messing around so I can route the system sound through it but this seems like a silly way to go.

I assume some people must use this in the manner I want to?

Any tips would be appreciated. Apologies if its obvious but I have spent quite a time on it already.


There’s a sampler example plugin with JUCE so maybe you could use that as a sound source (or any other sampler plugin) and trigger a loop with it using a MIDI keyboard or an ascii keyboard.

Ill have a look thanks.

What is the standard method to test plugins?

Loading into a DAW each time?

When I’m developing I just load them in a DAW, yeah. (Or if I’m just working on GUI stuff I use the standalone mode which is faster to load).

When you want to actually test it properly for bugs then pluginval is a fantastic tool which can be easily integrated into CI.