Audio Plugin Host and Plugin Demo

Hey there,

New to Juce and the forums, old to C++. This is probably a very basic and trivial question, but since I didn’t see any info in the forums about it already…

How exactly do I use the audio plugin host with the audio plugin demo?

I cannot seem to get any sound coming out of it. I know it can produce sound, because under audio setting -> test produces a tone.

I have tried to hook up a few random input to some outputs (is this an any to any relationship?) and also have tried with with the red input (midi) to the red input in the plugin demo. No matter what, the piano does not seem to produce sound.

Thanks for any help.

(From memory, because I’m at a different PC…)

The JUCE Audio Plugin Host requires an input filter to access your audio driver’s available inputs and an output filter to access the driver’s outputs. These can be created by right clicking on the host’s client area (and probably from the window menu too).

If you want to pass audio to the plugin filter, then connect the output pins of the input filter to the input pins of the plugin.

To output audio from the plugin, connect it’s output pins to the input pins of the output filter.

Thanks for the reply, but that’s exactly what does not seem to be working for me.

Just to be succinct, the Audio Plugin Host opens with input and output filters. Right clicking and creating more creates an identical filter widget.

Where “filter” can be a VST plugin instrument or effect… (Free effects here. Free instruments here)

In case you aren’t aware: connecting an Audio Input filter to an Audio Output filter designates connecting “microphone or line in” to your “output device”.

OK - so is your plugin actually loaded into the host? If not, then here is how to do so:

[list][]Press Ctrl+P to edit the list of available plugins[/]
[]Click the “Options” button at the bottom left[/]
[]Scan for newly updated plugins[/]
[]Add the appropriate search path to your directory list using the + button[/]
[]Then click scan[/]
[]Any valid plugins should then be available to add with the right click[/][/list]

Yes, the plugin is loaded into the host in the way in which you describe. I’ve also written a basic plugin that opens a sound file and and streams it to output. Neither the audio plugin demo or this plugin output sound yet.

Ok - so maybe post some screenshots of your driver settings?

Alright, here’s a screen capture of what I’m working with.

Also, note that I do not have my midi piano hooked up, therefore I do not have the midi in connected to the plugin.

Ah, you have an unfeasibly large number of inputs and outputs so the ones you want are off the left of your screen. Are you running WINE under Linux by any chance? Anyway, check this post for a patch which should restrict the I/O pins so they’ll fit on the screen.