Change Audio Input in Plugin Host

Hey everyone!

I am just starting to build plugins with JUCE but would like to change the audio input of JUCE Plugin Host to something more useful than my microphone.

So far, in the audio input settings, I can only choose the microphone as my audio input. This is not the most useful input for me. I would like to change it to receive input from Ableton, Max/MSP or even a different JUCE project.

I would like to continue to use the Plugin Host for debug purposes as I have heard that directly using unstable plugins in a DAW is not very useful.

In order to hook an application’s audio output into the audio input of another application, you’ll need to use some sort of virtual audio device. Depending on your OS you need to pick the right one:

macOS: Soundflower

Windows: V-B cable or Virtual Audio Cable (not free on Windows)

Linux: JACK is what I would look into, but I’ve never done internal audio routing on Linux.


I had a feeling I would have to do that. Thank for the reply!

Just curious, is there is no way to load a separate JUCE project in place of the Audio Input? Or edit the Audio Input object to produce its own sounds?

I’m not sure, but maybe the thing @harryg built is the thing you are looking for? I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks awesome…

The audio input object isn’t editable, it’s just a straight input stream of audio from your sound card. In addition to what @daniel just shared, I also just released a simple plugin which can play audio files and may be what you’re looking for.

Yes @jonathonracz, wasn’t meant as a preference, seen your post right after writing :wink:
Yours is looking very interesting as well. Hopefully I will find some time to check it out…
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks @daniel and @jonathonracz! This is exactly what I am looking for.

I will check both of them out shortly. This should definitely improve workflow quite a bit.