RELEASE: AudioFilePlayerPlugin

Hey everyone, since there seems to be a void for a simple plugin which can play files in the JUCE plugin host, I’ve built one:

I actually made it around a year ago, but didn’t share it because I figured nobody would be interested (until I saw threads popping up with requests/solutions).

It’s based on the audio player from the JUCE demo, but semi-rewritten to be usable as a plugin. You can just drag/drop a file in and hit play, and it will start pushing the audio data out.

It also features save/recall, so when saving a DAW project (such as via the plugin host example) it will reload the audio file from disk when loading the plugin from the host.

License is GPLv3. Feel free to contribute/watch/star/whatever if it helps you out!


Very handy!

I’d rather make it sync to host transport, instead of a custom play button.
Although both methods are still useful, so perhaps a checkbox for host sync on/off would be the best choice.


Interesting, I hadn’t considered this since it seems like it would be strange to sync a sampler plugin’s internal transport to the host’s transport. But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense given the intended use for the plugin (long audio files, managed outside the host’s typical arrangement view).

If I ever get some spare time to add features I’ll put this as a top priority. Thanks!

Thank you so much for this!! Exactly what I needed for debugging :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this sharing with my Youtube Channel now for debugging!