Audio Plugin Host with audio file inputs

Hello all.

I’m attempting some multi-track plugin development with Juce. The included host (from “extras/audio plugin host”) is excellent but I could really use it being able to read from audio files to allow testing of recorded multi-track content. Just wondering if anyone has implemented something similar already, or has any suggestions to help get me started. I’ve looked at the AudioSampleBuffer/AudioFormatReader classes for reading audio files but that’s about as far as I’ve got, any help whatsoever would be appreciated.

As an aside, can anyone confirm that VST/AU plugins can deal with mutiple i/o? I was under the impression VST could only deal with stereo, but adapting JucePluginCharacteristics.h it seems very simple to access any number of inputs. I need to be processing up to 32 mono tracks, am I likely to run into problems? I currently only need to run the plugins as demos in a Juce-based host, as far as I know the main DAWs will only handle 2in 2out.

Thanks very much.