Tips for developing an Audio Redirection Plugin

Hi guys, I just discovered this framework while I was looking for some framework that could allow to make proprietary plugins. I would like to get some advice regarding the idea I plan to develop. But before that, I’d like to explain what my goal is: the plugin I’m going to develop aims to make a virtual audio I/O that allows to redirect the audio of a DAW program to another application (in my case, I intend to redirect it to a video call in such a way that the recipient can listen without quality loss to the audio generated by the first program).

Obviously, I will study the basis before proceeding to implement this plugin. But I would like some advice as to which way to go to facilitate the workflow, among the many components on that platform.

Thank you very much!

Seems to be a lot of people interested in this…

There’s some pointers in these threads:

Maybe Fabian’s comment about using an interprocessConnection is more relevant.