Audio Plugin Input


I am creating an audio plugin and for that I created a plugin project in the introjucer and created the Ui and an audio processing class. I would like to know how could I test my processing algorithm giving it an audio file as input in the PLugin Host? I see that in the juce plugin demo it’s the microphone input that is processed with a delay and a gain. I was able to run my plugin like that using a voice or anything through the microphone as input to my processing algorithm, but I want to give it an audio file to process and be able to change parameters such as a gain or other parameter in my class while it’ s processing as well.
I would really appreaciate any help!


Just run your plugin in some kind of DAW - they’ll all let you play a file!

Alternatively, you could create (or find) a simple sample playing plugin and place that in the graph before your plugin. (I do this for debugging.)

Thanks! I’ll do that, that’s a good idea since it’s precisely the reason I want it for is for debugging and testing stuff and then off course ultimately use it from a DAW. If you happen to have one though I wouldn’t mind! :slight_smile:

I’ve got a very simple one developed in SynthMaker, so it’s PC only. I also have an analyser I place afterwards so I can see what’s going on. pm/email me if interested.