How do I run examples on the Audio Plugin Host?

This is what the Multi-Out Synth Tutorial plugin looks like inside the Audio Plugin Host.

However, there seems to be no way of playing any sound to test it out. If I go to options->Audio Device Settings->Test button , it plays a single sound which cannot be controlled.

Ummm … no MIDI inputs, means no way to trigger the synth? Try adding a virtual MIDI keyboard to your setup and use that to trigger the synth?

Don’t use pulseaudio with JUCE hosts. And there is a MIDI Input in internal plugins list.
PS do you have all these outputs connected to speakers? Leave only the real outputs checked, channel 1+2 for example, if you have stereo setup.

thanks I will try that.
This example is from the JUCE plugin tutorials, so I thought the Synth is supposed to act like the input.

Nope. Its a synth, it needs to be triggered by something. Wire up MIDI and press some keys.

It seems the example you tried is malconfigured. Make sure that those options are set.

After resaving and restarting AudioPluginHost the plugin should have a red midi input connection.