No input/Output shown in debugger

What does this mean? I opened my plugin in the plugin host and it has no options for midi or audio inputs or outputs. Where is this supposed to be set up so I know in the future?

Which host? More the question is documented more the responses are helpful.

The Juce Audio Plugin Host

What do you mean?
There are red/green pins according to MIDI/Audio flow.
What options are you expecting?

Right. Red is midi and green is audio. I opened it inside the plugin host and there were 0 nodes, no red or green. Which means my plugin must not be accepting input or outputs. Just curious where this is set, in projucer at the beginning, with code, or what exactly causes that to happen.

Usually this is done with buses:

You can have you plugin provide a recommended/default channel configuration to the host, and also configure the plugin to let the host know if a given channel layout is supported by your plugin.