No clue about AUv3 on macosx

I’ve been confused for awhile now about what the heck an AUv3 component on macosx actually is… I entered a plug-in in the KVR Developer Challenge that I thought had been built for AUv3 as well for macosx, but I’m not so sure anymore.
In the build directory there is an .appex file, this is what I thought was the AUv3 component. Is this correct?
How do you actually install it? Double-clicking it launches some Widget Simulator. Does it have to be embedded in a standalone app or something?

Anyway, if anyone actually knows how these things work, I would be super grateful!


they run on iOS, not OSX

No, AUv3s work on MacOS too…

Some tips which I don’t think are in the video:

  • You’ll need to codesign everything
  • You’ll probably need to restart your computer after first building the project:
  • You should run the standalone target once (the debugger in Xcode is enough)
  • You’ll need to hit a tickbox in Logic’s plug-in manager to allow the AUv3 plug-in to load
  • Debugging after load is awkward - you’re in a separate process, console output doesn’t work, and you’re probably sandboxed too

Sorry for the late reply,
Thanks a ton, that’s a lot of good information!

Cheers! :+1:

i’m looking and i can’t find this option anywhere? is this still required?

4th column

thanks - i should have updated this, i did find that option after i discovered the weirdness with having to run the standalone app once to register the auv3 plugin.