No Image for PopupMenu::addCommandItem


addCommandItem doesn’t have an Image argument while addItem has. Is there any reason for that?

Also would it be possible to use the standard apple modifier symbols for Shift Alt, cmd instead of using their full name?

Shift: U+21E7
Alt: U+2325
Command: U+2318

and while I’m at it: left, right, up, down arrows, backspace and delete

No, there’s no particular reason why I didn’t add an image parameter, I guess I just didn’t around to it.

Thanks for the unicode numbers there, I’d been meaning to do that at some point…


here’s a few more:

Ctrl: U+2303
left: 0x2190
up: 0x2191
right: 0x2192
down: 0x2193
backspace: U+232B
delete: U+2326

Thanks, will add those when I get a moment.

thanks, it works fine here except for backspace and delete where I get:
shortcut: ‘backspace or delete symbol’

one more thing, the shortcut font size seems to be significantly smaller than the item text whereas OSX menus use the same font size

I’m getting a little jealous here…where’s the Windows love?

[quote]thanks, it works fine here except for backspace and delete where I get:
shortcut: ‘backspace or delete symbol’[/quote]

Ok, will have a look. The size is a look+feel thing, I don’t really want to change it as it’d be bound to mess up somebody’s UI.

ah ok I’ll change the LookAndFeel then

and for the Image? that’s an easy fix.

Hi Jules,

It seems there is a small issue with this on OSX
If a single command item use the two following keypress

info.addDefaultKeypress(juce::KeyPress::backspaceKey, juce::ModifierKeys());
info.addDefaultKeypress(juce::KeyPress::deleteKey, juce::ModifierKeys());

the first one is displayed as ç


Wow, that was an obscure one! Thanks, I’ll check in a fix shortly…


Thanks !