No Inter-App Audio for "Project Type: GUI Application"?

Hi there,

I noticed that there’s no Inter-App Audio option available in the Projucer when the “Project Type” is set to “GUI Application”.

Is there anything hacky I can do to get Inter-App Audio? Kinda afraid to just simply switch the type to “Audio Plug-In” before getting some advice.

I’ll write my issue here just in case it might not be an Inter-App Audio issue:
My project is a midi sequencer with a sampler (midi and audio output). Confirmed midi output works perfectly for an external device: Studiomux usb into Ableton. Does not work when routing midi output to apps on the device. While the sequencer is playing, switching to another app confirms that audio background works as I can hear my app playing. Weirdly though, for a few seconds after just switching to the other app, the sequencer both sequences and plays the other app briefly while it mutes my app, then after a while my app’s audio glitchily takes over.

Thanks for your help,

I’m afraid there’s no easy way to enable IAA for a non-plug-in.

If you app is relatively simple then switching to using the standalone version of a plug-in isn’t too difficult. A bonus of doing this is that you get an AUv3 version of your app for free.

If you app is complex then you’ll probably need to use a custom standalone window. See this thread for more info:


Cheers for the link, I had not seen that before when I was looking to do this some time ago. This looks like it help a lot. Thanks.