Availability of Inter-App Audio in Juce?


I'd like to provide the Inter-App Audio functionnality for my iOS App and it doesn't look that straightfoward.

I found a pretty detailed and long post regarding Audiobus that also seem to provide support for IAA. My understanding is that, so far, this functionnality requires to modify juce framework and also that this feature is under analysis by Juce Team and might come in a next version.

Am I correct or did I miss something ? Any idea when this would be available ?

Thanks for your help.

Adding AudioBus and/or IAA support is in our backlog, and we need it ourselves at ROLI for other projects, so it'll happen pretty soon! Can't give you any more detail than that though.

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Any chance of IAA coming now that AUv3 is here?
Seems pretty straight-forward to make the 2 available within the same target.


I can only re-iterate what jules has already posted: we need it ourselves at ROLI, so it’s in our backlog. Sadly, I can’t give any more detail or specific timelines though.