AUV3 Effect iOS provisioning

Hello everyone,
I am trying to provision an AuV3 plugin to IoS, and to be able to see it on the list of inter-app effects available in garageband.

Provision on iOS of the standalone Juce app is OK - but so far I had no luck with GarageBand as AUV3 host.

Tried to provision the AUV3Synth demo - both on master and develop branch: Still no luck (had to modify the bundle identifier to be able to provision it)

Has anyone successfully used an AUV3 juce plugin in garageband? Do You have some tips on how to troubleshoot the process?

In the meanwhile I am planning the following debugging tasks:

  • check with different bus configurations, in case GB wants a in/out configuration I am not currently offering.
  • pester with DBG messages, to check where/if it gets called during GB query for inter-app effects.

Some more data.

  • Plugin is not a synth.
  • juce 4.3.0 (trying both master & develop)
  • MBpro 2015 , OSX Sierra —> Ipad mini 4, iOS 10.1
  • I am provisioning iOS with a local developer account made on Xcode using my appleID (not yet signed to Apple as iOS developer)


Inter-app audio and AUv3 are two different things. JUCE does not support IAA. You should easily be able to load the AUv3Synth demo in GarageBand by creating a new track and selecting AudioUnits.

Hi Fabian, thanks for the answer, I’ll look better into the difference between IAA and AUV3,
one doubt:

On iOS i do not see an options for “Audio Units” when selecting the instrument for a new track - closest option is still an “Inter-app” one.

It will appear if you have an AudioUnit installed. Try installing the AUv3 synth on your iOS device. You will then see a new icon appear in that menu. Also, Garageband only supports synth audio units (so no effects). But other iOS hosts do support effects. This is a GarageBand limitation.

Thanks Fabian!

I would really love to see my Juce effect appear on the Mic/Guitar Record track on GarageBand tough…

Some steps I will consider :

  • try to add audiobus capability to the “AUV3 standalone” juce APP, this should make it automatically into an inter-app enabled audio app.
  • try to wrap the “AUV3 standalone” juce APP into an IAA node

In Your Opinion (last questions, I promise - won’t bother You no more):

  • Will Juce ever support IAA, at least with an IAA version of the AU standalone wrapper App?
  • Is AU on iOS taking over Inter-App as the mainstream technology for audio communication? i.e. is there a high chance that GB will come to AU effects as well soon?


Hi Michelangelo,

  • Inter-App Audio capabilities will be added to standalone plug-in targets in JUCE 5.

  • I think AUV3 is a much better interface for professional audio, but I couldn’t say whether it will take over.

Experience has shown that it’s never a good idea to set firm dates for software releases, but JUCE 5 will be the next big one and I would suggest you wait for that.

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