Will JUCE support the new AudioUnitV3 format on iOS/OS X?

I can't seem to find any information regarding JUCE support for the new v3 Audio Units for iOS 9/OS X 10.11. https://developer.apple.com/library/prerelease/ios/samplecode/AudioUnitV3Example/Introduction/Intro.html

Is there any word on this yet? Thanks in advance!

Yes, we will of course support that!

We plan to add audiobus and AUv3 to an app in the near future and im wondering whether this is still on the JUCE roadmap or we should go and do our own implemetation? Any news on this?


AUv3 is on our immediate roadmap for the next couple of weeks. I can't officially promise any release date here, but my guess is that you can expect something rather soon (if nothing goes wrong ;-)

AudioBus is in our less-immediate section of the roadmap. We are still evaluating if and when we may implement this. We'll keep you updated.




I need apple pencil & audio unit v3 ios support.

Hi Timur, any ETA on AU support for iOS?

Also, do please consider prioritizing AudioBus support. I know it seems redundant with AU being added to the platform, but there is a pretty big install base out there because AudioBus has been out there for years now. If you want NOISE to shoot to number 1 on the music app charts for a day or two, add AudioBus support and post on their forum! I bet you a 6 pack it would work. 

This is very high on our roadmap and should be done in the next couple of weeks.

AudioBus, interesting... we were planning to probably implement Apple's IAA (Inter-App Audio). @ndika: would IAA work for you as well, or would you say AudioBus is more relevant for you?

It seems to me that both are doing the same thing, except IAA is the Apple-backed version.

As I understand it AudioBus utilises IAA to pass audio from each of its connected apps

Aha! OK, so it seems AudioBus support is a superset of IAA support. I just asked Fabian and he said the same thing :-)

In this case, I guess we would perhaps implement IAA support in JUCE at some point within the next couple of months (it's pretty high up on our roadmap but as always I can't promise anything...), and then possibly add AudioBus support later.

I would have to concur with the AudioBus support. I have two top synth apps on the app store and my biggest mistake was ever launching without AudiBus. There is a very huge install base...It's almost cultish. It is understood in the iOS audio space that you don't even think about launching an app without it. 

I have over 30k installs across my two apps so I know what I'm talking about. AudioBus is huge!

I'd also like to chime in saying I'd love AudioBus support as well!

another vote for audiobus

and another vote here …

and Ableton Link would be great too
( obviously )