New AU Version 3 Support?

Are there any new developments or updates for Juce 4.0 to support the new AudioUntis Version 3.0 for OSX/iOS 9+. 

I did some searching in the forums and couldn't find anything. 

We're planning to do that in January.


This is exciting news!

Will there be specific example projects for the AudioUnitV3 stuff, or will the existing DemoJucePlugin (or the new examples in the examples/PlugInSamples folder) be updated to work as V3 plugins?

Also, anyone know when GarageBand will be updated to work with AudioUnits? This seems like the sort of thing Apple wouldn't publicly talk about, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Sean Costello

Don't know the details yet as we haven't started, but hopefully it'll work just like the existing formats to won't need any new examples. Haven't got any insider info from Apple about dates, I'm afraid!