No keyboard focus on AUv3/iOS

Is there anything specific that needs to be done in JUCE for AUv3 plugins to get keyboard focus on iOS inside of a host?

The iOS standalone of the plugin does have keyboard focus, as well as the Mac AUv3. We got reports on this behavior on all known DAWs (AUM, Logic Pro, etc).

What we’ve tried:

  1. setting EDITOR_WANTS_KEYBOARD_FOCUS TRUE in the CMake file (which was set for other versions of the plugin as well)

  2. Explicitly call setWantsKeyboardFocus() in the Editor’s constructor.

  3. Call grabKeyboardFocus() when the editor’s visibility is changed and isShowing() is true.

Any ideas?

Not sure if this is related. but in general, JUCE iOS don’t implement any keyboard support. (UIView). the entire way keyboard event being handled on iOS is different.

Only text editors have keyboard support.

mmm… All my keyboard events do work correctly on the standalone iOS app though (on an iPad with a physical keyboard attached). So, maybe not related?

Oh. I see some support was introduced few months ago:

Bumping, in case anyone has any idea.