No tags in Juce @ Github

There seem to be no tags pushed to the JUCE repository on Github.

Also, do we still need the modules branch? If it was merged into master then it’s probably extraneous.

Ah, I forgot that you have to push the tags explicitly… Will do that. And no, you can probably forget about the modules branch.

What does that mean exactly? I’m still a bit confused as to what version is what, and where it’s found…yes…I’m a slow learner I suppose…

I just mean that all the stuff I did in the modules branch has now been merged back into the master branch, so unless you’re trawling back through the git history for some reason, it’s probably of no interest any more.

In the Git workflow model, branches cost almost nothing to create. Jules started the “modules” branch from the master branch, and did all his development in there. When he was done, he merged the changes made in modules back into master, then resumed development in master. No more work was being done in modules branch. Since the changes made to modules have already been merged into master, there is no need to keep the modules branch around.

Thanks, I appreciate that, it did help clear things up.