No way to turn off Link Time Code Generation (MSVC)?

Link Time Code generation makes my time for a one line change go from a peppy 3 seconds to a crawling 37 seconds.

Now for those of you who are used to the older, slow computers who think that 37 seconds is quite fast - how do you think I feel when I’m used to running one line changes in 3 seconds and now I have to wait 37 seconds?

Where’s the setting in IntroJucer for turning off Link Time Code Generation for Visual Studio export targets? How did this get past everyone’s notice?

AFAICS it’s disabled in a debug config, right?

Yeah the Debug config does not have it.

I have to wonder how useful this option is now that all the source code for a module is passed to a compiler at once (instead of each small .cpp at a time).

Seems like a reasonable thing to do in a release build. No reason not to optimise as much as possible, is there?

I can’t run debug with all of the internal assertion checking and what not, and get low latency performance from the audio i/o callback with most of the effects and processing steps turned on, so I usually resort to running release 80% of the time.

When you’re used to a 3 second compile and link cycle, 40 seconds is like an eternity.

A little OT: But this reminds me of a company I worked for, which had compile times of one hour for a one line change!
I found that really difficult to work with.

It’s really hard to imagine that anyone would put up with this for any length of time!

This is still affecting me especially now that I have unchecked “Debugging enabled” for my Release build…

What about adding a Release mode without this Link Time Code Generation? or adding a Debug mode without most of the assertions? Debugging without Debug mode (or at least never using it) sounds nonsense to me…

Any progress on this?

Sorry, very very low on my priority list.

Since you’re doing stuff in Introjucer can we add a checkbox to the Visual Studio exporter settings?

This is fixed