No window decorations

I recently started attempting to use JUCE on Linux. I'm running 64-bit Kubuntu 15.10. I've installed all of the dependencies per the sticky post. When either runing the Projucer from the file download, or running the Introjucer built from the git source, the programs come up and seem to mostly run fine, but have absolutely no window decorations: no title bar, no border, no way to move resize or close the windows. There does not appear to be any build errors, nor any output to stderr when running the programs. Any ideas?

Yes, I can confirm that this doesn't work. I'll try to sort this out.

This should be fixed now on the latest tip.

I can confirm that this is fixed now at least in the latest version from git (ef98ae9cedcd910d6b4ea3883a09c2e77174c799).

Also fixes thiss report: