Projucer freeze on startup - blank window - both compiled and binary - Linux Mint 19

Hi all,

I’ve installed juce and projucer on my linux laptop using the script by @pffelix found in this post:

installation seemed to be successful, but when I launch Projucer the app start and immediately freezes with a white blank window. It cannot be closed and I have to kill it from cmd.

I then downloaded the binaries from the juce website, but Projucer behaves in the same way.

I’m on Linux Mint 19, nvidia Quadro, Cinnamon desktop.

Any hint?

Thank you

Adding that, interestingly enough, the DemoRunner works just fine.

It may be related to the webkit package and the initial login screen displayed as a webpage. I experienced it on some Linux distributions. You can try to build Projucer in so called GPL mode. In JUCE\extras\Projucer\JuceLibraryCode\AppConfig.h edit this line and build Projucer again (the login screen will not be displayed then):


Or you can download JUCE 6 from GitHub, in the version 6 this login screen was changed if I remember correctly.

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Thanks @MBO, it seems you nailed it, re-compiling with GPL MODE 1 fixed the issue :slight_smile:
I haven’t tried v6 as I’m new to Juce and prefer to start with a stable release. Will keep that in mind though for further tests.