Projucer Login not loading, unable to login


at the first start of the Projucer an empty window opens with “Log-in to Projucer” in the title.Projucer%20Log-in

Please help. I am not able to create a project.

Thanks in advance.

Note: I am running Ubuntu 16.04. on an Odroid XU4 (armhf)

Is this a Projucer that you have compiled yourself or a download from the website?

It’s a self-compiled. I figured out, that opening chromium also produces a white output since follwing this description:

My first problem was, that I was unable to start Projucer.

I got the following Error in Command Line:
ERROR: System doesn’t support 32, 24, or 16 bit RGB display.

After following the steps of the link above, Projucer started, but there seems to be a problem with webkit in 16-bit… deleting the created file fixes the webkit display error, but now I am unable to start Projucer again, getting the same error in the terminal.

Do you have any idea?

No, I’m not sure what’s going on there.

Are you using the master or develop branch? If you jump backwards in time is there a JUCE version where things work as expected?

I experience the same behaviour after installing JUCE and compiling Projucer on NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Developer Kit (with arm processor and Ubuntu 16.04) - I have to use ‘kill’ because Projucer does not respond at all after it’s started.

After switching to GPL mode and disabling WebBrowser I can run Projucer as expected. Maybe these are problems with the webkit package when run on arm?