No Windows Media Foundation Support - What Am I Missing ??

Well, the User Survey came out and I jumped right on it adding the feature request I have added for the last four years; Media Foundation support so my stand alone Windows App could read audio MP4 AAC format files. Seems to me a pretty Basic request; that an audio app should be able to read a commonly available format.
Preliminary results of the user survey show it didn’t even come up on the radar screen. This is even though there are almost the same number of JUCE deployments on Windows as Mac and about 90 % the number of developers working on Desktop applications as Plug-ins ( among those who filled out the survey ).
To have JUCE rely on the very old and outdated DirectShow for audio and video codec support when a newer Media Foundation has been out since Windows 7 seems to me like it ought to be a source of embarrassment.
Perhaps there is something I’m missing ?
On the video front, you can’t even read commonly available formats such as mp4.
When is JUCE going to address this sort of fundamental and basic shortcoming?
I’d like a response from Jules or someone on the development team as to why better audio and video codec support hasn’t been integrated into JUCE?
Seems like integrating FFMPEG support should also be a priority.
I’ve been patiently requesting for years, paying my $40/month and hoping.
I’d really like some answers on this issue.