Non compositing window

Is it possible for juce to do a non compositing window? I need once since not all VST plugins on the ppc mac support compositing windows and they crash my vst host since all juce windows are compositing. I disabled setting the compositing flag, but then GetRootControl fails and then the window shows up transparent.

There are tests for isCompositingWindow in juce_Windowing.cpp, so I assume it was was supported or might be supported one day.

I’m still using juce 1.38 if that matters

Maybe, if a non-compositing window still contain a HIView. There’s a flag for it somewhere when it creates the window, so you could try messing with that. Let me know how you get on…

What version of juce switched to hiviews? Has the ComponentPeer stuff changed a lot since it switched to hiviews?

Would it be hard to make a Component either use a Hiview component peer or an old style CompnentPeer?

I switched a few months ago, mainly because the plugin framework needed to be written using HIViews. I guess it’d be possible to merge all the non-HIView code back in there as an option, but it wouldn’t be pretty.