Compositing Window (HIView)

Hi Jules,

Since we need to use compositing window to adapt VST/AU on Intel Mac, I really would love JUCE to use it. I don’t mean JUCE should use it very HIView oriented but use only one HIView for the drawing base. In the VST2.4, to use HIView makes it easy and safty to resize its view and handle mouse events by our own view. That’s also help us to trash deprecated QD utility APIs.

However, VST2.3/AU host apps on PPC Mac still require non-compositing window, so we need window port based code as well. We have to check whether the window is compositing or not and branch the code. We can see it in the AUCarbonViewBase and VSTGUI 3.0 source code.

We can check the behavior on VST Lord 0.3.1 and AULab without using Intel based Mac. Each of them are written by Steinberg guy and Apple guys, we can think about them as standard, I think. :slight_smile:

So, what do you think about to use/adjust compositing window?

Best regards,
Masanao Hayashi

yes, I’ve been thinking about this stuff. Probably the best plan is for me to restructure the NativeDesktopWindow class so you can create ones that are either based on a HIView or a normal window. I’ll see what I can come up with…

Thanks, I’ll wait for. :smiley: