Using HIView is required on IntelMacs

Hi Jules,

As I mentioned before, HIView based programming is required for both VST and AU on Intel Macs. It is also required when the host application provides compositing window on PPC Macs.

Since Logic and AULab provides an overlay window for plugins and it is attached to the base window using window grouping feature, a plugin which is not based on HIView seems to work fine. But we can’t expect all of host applications have an overlay window like this.

In VSTLord, if the plugin doesn’t use HIView, it cannot be loaded. VST2.4 specification doesn’t allow non-HIView VST editors on Intel Macs.

Do you have any ideas or plans for this issue?

Best regards,
Masanao Hayashi
Korg Inc.

Yes, I know about this. Haven’t had time to do it yet, but now that the ComponentPeer interface is there, it should be fairly straightforward to write a HIView based component peer.