32 bit VST defines

How does HIView relate to Carbon, and is there such a thing as “HIView for Cocoa”?
The VST SDK 2.4 refers to “HIView” and “composited windows” in a way that suggests you can’t / mustn’t use Cocoa for 32 bit VSTs. Could someone clarify this for me?

What are the correct defines when compiling a 32 bit VST for Mac? I’ll happily comply to whatever Jules say is the best but I can’t get it to compile and I don’t want to mess with the defines in case I break something else.

Thank you!

HIViews are the old carbon UI objects - their Cocoa replacement is the NSView. Yes, I think only 64-bit hosts support NSViews. When you say you can’t get it to compile, what is going wrong? If it’s an introjucer-generated project, it should all be set up to work correctly by default…

Thanks for the explanation Jules. I have solved the problem now. I had inadvertently turned off Carbon without realizing it, using JUCE_SUPPORT_CARBON, but it works now.