Can't build 32bit VST plug-in anymore

I have been able to compile the 32 bit VST plug-in on Mac for a long time, then after a short vacation I can no longer do so. I don’t think I have altered the
Xcode project, but I have updated Juce many time while not working on the Mac version (but rather the PC version for 3 months).

The problem that occur is that Xcode no longer knows what “HiView” is and all the functions attached, just like some major include file is ignored somewhere. HIViewGetFrame was not declared in this scope... lots other stuff relating to HiView...

This compile problem does not occur in the 64 bit build; only in the 32 bit build.

Anyone who knows what happened to Juce the last few months that could have affected the build environment? I do NOT use Introjucer. My project file was
deviced long before Introjucer was becoming popular.

Edit: I use Xcode 4.6.3 and Juce 2.1.1

Problem solved. It would appear that a stray #define JUCE_SUPPORT_CARBON 0 had snuck in under the radar.
Removing the define and allowing Juce to manage this itself is the way to go.