Notarizing installer

has anyone managed to get notarization working for an installer / archive? i’ve managed to notarize all the individual pieces of my app (vst/vst3/au/standalone/auv3 appext) but when i export the results, package them up with packages, and submit the corresponding .pkg (or a .dmg containing the `.pkg) i get errors from the vst/standalone/auv3 builds. just looking for advice here, i can’t be the only one trying to get this working?

You should not notarize individual plugins. In point of fact, you can’t_ notarize an AAX. To put it in simple terms, you only need to notarize things the user can double-click on. (In effect, the same things that Gatekeeper watches for.) For your specific use case with a standalone, you should just notarize the standalone, then staple that notarization to the pkg. Alternately, I believe you can just notarize the pkg.