O, Ableton Live, why must you vex me so?

Hi all,

Here’s the latest Ableton Live issues and quirks:

  • Bad interaction between AU and VST of my plugin. I have created separate projects for my VST and AU/RTAS (with the idea being that AU and RTAS will never interact in a DAW), and the Audio Unit seems to work fine in Live 8.1.5 no matter what I do. However, if I instantiate the VST after instantiating the AU, the GUI of the VST acts weird - the knobs work, but the combo boxes and slider labels don’t work properly. If I delete the VST and then reopen the VST, things work fine. This is strange, as I have made sure that these have separate Objective-C suffixes.

  • On OSX, if the VST is compiled with keyboard focus OFF, then the slider text boxes will not allow entering numbers. If I compile the VST with keyboard focus ON, then the text boxes allow numerical entry. Meanwhile, the AU works fine with keyboard focus OFF.

  • On the PC, I just can’t enter numbers in the slider text boxes, whether keyboard focus is ON or OFF.

Any thoughts are helpful. No show-stopping bugs here, but things that would be nice to fix.

Sean Costello

I cannot speak regarding the confilcts that arise loading the VST and the AU at the same time. It seems to me that changing the ObjectiveC suffix should suffice largely. Just one question: are you using the amalgmated juce or the static lib?

Also, it comes to my mind now that maybe the conflict isn’t happening between the VST and the AU of the same plug-in, but rather among two plug-ins in the same directory that share the same ObjectiveC suffix (maybe some earlier build of the same project that is lingering there? Or some other project totally different, that happens to have the same ObjectiveC suffix)?

As for your difficulties with TextEditors, different hosts on different platform don’t behave consistently, so this is how I solved the problem (by detecting at first which DAW its running at first):


OK, this bug is still here, for my new plugin. I have followed the recommended bug fix, of creating separate projects for AU and VST, with different Juce-generated Objective C-suffixes. It doesn’t work. Jules, do you have any suggested fixes?

i confirm this behavior, plus some other key stealing oddities with live.
live also steals the keys with the command modifier, alt is fine. wierd…

Any updates on this?

Updates on what exactly? The AU/VST conflict has been discussed a lot, and isn’t something that could be fixed without you just building different binaries using different obj-C symbols…

I’m doing that. Totally different projects for AU and VST, different Obj-C symbols defined in the project via the new Jucer. It DOESN’T WORK. Calling up the generated VST and AU in Ableton Live results in a crash.

EDIT: Created a new project for the VST. Under the XCode tab, typed in a random string for the “Objective-C class name suffix.” Things work well in Live for both AU and VST. Question is, why doesn’t the auto-generated Objective-C symbol for the project solve this issue?

It only generates a single build, with a single obj-c suffix value - if you take the resulting binary and use it for both AU and VST, then obviously it’s the same names in both copies…

just to be sure, this has nothing to do with windows right? this objective c suffix is just for mac builds, am i correct?

Absolutely right.