Odroid-c1 and juce

I tried downloading juce source to an odroid-c1 and building the demo.  It builds just fine, but when I try to run the resulting binary I get the following error:

ERROR: System doesn't support 32, 24 or 16 bit RGB display

I have done this on other sbc's (fruity pi names).  Is this a display controller compatibility?  Maybe a compiler option?  Or just will not work on this machine?



It just dawned on me that the display variable was probably not set up.  I will try again this later today.

The DISPLAY is correct.   DISPLAY=:0.0.

I setup remote desktop xrdp.  Login from windows using rdp and it works.  I can run the demo, introjucer, helloworld.

But I cannot get it to display on the console.


Anyone have any idea why?


You need to have at least a 16-bit colour display. xrdp by default sets up an 8-bit palette which is not compatible with JUCE. Try using "ssh -X" instead.

But xrdp works, it is the physical console that does not work.  Do I need to change the way the desktop is started to get it configured for morebits of color?  I think it just uses startx.  (Not sure how this is setup.  It was done automatically as part of the distro).

On the pi I needn't to add a parameter to the bootloader to change the colour depth. I think on most embedded systems you need to configure the framebuffer colour depth at boot time.