JUCE on linux under Virtual PC

I am running a X under virtual PC. JUCE and the demo app will compile and link, but the demo app wont run (error about not supporting 24-bit color).

AFAIK Virtual PC doesn’t emulate 24-bit colour properly, but can JUCE somehow support 16-bit colour?


I’ve not tried - but feel free to play around with the code in juce_linux_Windowing.cpp and let me know if you get it working!

I stiched it in but it’s pretty sketchy. This morning I knew absolutely zero about Xlib, and now I know just above zero. Nonetheless, I got 16-bit colour working… some colours still come out weird but for the most part it’s ok.

Basically stopped it from failing if there is no 24-bit display available, but will accept a 16-bit display. Then right before the blit, if display depth is 16-bit, set im->depth = 16, and then run through the image and bit shift into the correct format.

Probably is not so hot performance-wise.