Offline Audio Plugins


I am searching for a way to do offline audio plugins for as many hosts as possible on win and mac.
Is this possible using the JUCE library? Are there some examples available? (I didn't find any ...)

Some more details what I want to achieve:
I am writing an algorithm which is analyzing the whole audio file before processing it afterwards (and the analyze - process phases are done multiple times).
I know this is possible with AudioSuite or AAX plugins on Avid workstations (ProTools), see for example the video of this loudness plugin:
Furthermore it should be also possible with Audio Unit plugins, at least there is an example in the docs:

So my question:
Is there also a way to do offline VST plugins? Or any other possibility to support hosts on Windows?
Does Juce allow this kind of processing or am I thinking in the wrong direction and I should use another workaround ;) ?

Thanks for any hints!