Old Jucer new Image code


Everything seems to be working except when placing images from resources in the graphics tab, jucer generates a “->” operator for the image and it should generate a “.” operator, this happens when using sizes relative to component size

    g.setColour (Colours::black);
    g.drawImage (cachedImage_logo_png,
                 363, 304, 289, 54,
                 0, 0, cachedImage_logo_png->getWidth(), cachedImage_logo_png->getHeight());


Drat! Thanks, I’ll sort that out today.


the old jucer does not build with new juce, the Line code is missing, line:1095 line:1055 line:238


Ta. Will sort that out right away…


the same is with setTiledImageFill (when fillin a rect with an image brush)


Ok, ta, will sort that out too.