On Windows, copyright symbol in Projucer causes additional spurious character

In the Projucer’s Settings, there is a “Company Copyright” field. For Windows 10, if you enter the copyright symbol in there, it is not correctly handled and results in an additional garbage character being displayed in various places:


Projucer (copyright symbol copied from Windows Character Map and pasted):

Result in Visual Studio resource.rc file:

Result in Plugin .dll Properties:

When Projucer writes “©” in resources.rc, it writes the escaped bytes that represent “©” in UTF-8: \xc2\xa9.

When Visual Studio reads resources.rc, it doesn’t read it as UTF-8, but as Windows-1252, where the byte \xc2 represents “” and the byte \xa9 represents “©”.

It might work (I haven’t tested yet) if Projucer was writing resources.rc as UTF-16, which is the native Unicode encoding on Windows.

So is this something the JUCE team needs to fix? I can edit the resources.rc file, but every time I make a change in the Projucer file it will be overwritten…

Thank you for reporting!