One last bug in my plug

So, my pattern appregiator now syncs up to the bar position if the sequencer is playing. (Yay Me!) (HERE is the latest version if you want to try it.)

The only problem is that if I have tracktion playing a loop, notes on the first beat at the start of the loop, sometimes get dropped or cut short. I seem to remember there being talk of this happening to other plugs, a common mistake perhaps.
So, I’m not sure whether its really a bug of mine or of the receiving synth, or maybe even tracktion? But either way, I’d like to prevent it if I can.

So, anyone know whats going on?

Oh, and a second question regarding CurrentPositionInfo. Will isPlaying be true if isRecording is true… IE, are the two states cascading or exclusive?

Not sure if it’s tracktion’s fault - you could dump the midi messages your plug’s getting and see what they look like?

And I think the isPlaying will always be set if isRecording is true. I’ll add some comments about that and check that it’s the case.

Hmm, don’t see anything wonky in the midi messages. I can prevent it from happening though, by simply not passing on all note offs.

Good enough I suppose.

Edit: Still drops notes every now and then. But what the hell. It adds charachter.