Open pdf file - help for JUCE app

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I’ve tried this solution but still fails to open the correct pdf.
getSpecialLocation() retrieves file from which directory?

@jules @Kroko

Any suggestions would be helpful!

File::getSpecialLocation() has options for many different directories to choose from

@benvining So if working correctly, it should open a window (prompt) like any other application to choose file from?
It doesn’t work though, I am using exact same code from above link, it compiles but always shows Warning box

No. You, the programmer, have to send an argument to getSpecialLocation that specifies what location you want. See the documentation for this enum: JUCE: File Class Reference

@benvining Thanks a lot, it worked fine.
Just to make sure, should it close your application or host after opening pdf?
Atm it closes my application after opening the pdf, is it expected behavior?