OpenGL addVertexShader

I need create simple shader.
i make new project with projucer (OpenGL application) and then, when i try add shader, i got crash.

    String vsSource(
			"attribute vec2 coord;\n"
			"void main() {\n"
			"  gl_Position = vec4(coord, 0.0, 1.0);\n"
    OpenGLShaderProgram sp(openGLContext);

OpenGLShaderProgram::getLanguageVersion() showed me 0
latter github version, windows 7, GeForce GTX 650

I think you’ll need to be a lot more specific than “I got crash” if you expect anyone to give you any meaningful help!

magic. 2 line code and app do not work. after few hours just clean project rebuilt and all work fine, sorry