OpenGL - blur a component

Curious here: how did you do it?

Paint the component to an OpenGLTexture:

  • Paint to an Image
  • Load the image as a texture


  • Draw a square made of 2 triangles using OpenGL 3.3s Vertex Array Buffer stuff
  • Render it with the texture to a framebuffer (OpenGLFrameBuffer)

Then repeat 2 stage vertical and horizontal blur over and over

Then render an OpenGLTexture unblurred as a layer on top.

Oh - and enable the magic macro that allows non-power of two textures in JUCE

Ok, I see.

Was that the right level of detail? :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think so.
I will try to something similar in the near future.
I’ll let you know, how it goes :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing!

The most important knowledge was to pick a version, 3.3 I went with, and avoid tutorials and help that relates to other versions…

For some reason they like to rip everything up and start again every OpenGL version…

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Hmm… I see.
I did some OpenGL back in the days when version 2.0 was new.
I suspect, much has changed since then :slight_smile:

Did you share any source code? Would love to experiment a bit on this…