OpenGL broken for Juce > 6.0.8

I upgraded a plugin from Juce 6.0.8 to Juce 6.1.2 recently and an openGL component is now broken on Windows (Visual 2019).
renderOpenGL is called correctly, and functions like OpenGLHelpers::clear still work fine.
However calls to glDrawArrays do not seem to draw anything anymore.
As the shader do not report any error, I don’t know where I should start to look at.
Any idea ?
Note : no issue on Mac, the component is still working as usual.

There’s a call to glDrawArrays in juce_OpenGLContext.cpp:1360. If you stick a breakpoint on that line, does it execute? Do the JUCE OpenGL demos work for you?

disable the shader, normally not needed, you can use the fixed pipeline by setting a color with glColor3f. at least to know if the problem is in the shader

Thanks for your answer, and sorry for the response time !
Using the debugger, it appears that juce_OpenGLContext.cpp:1360 is well executed.
Also the JUCE OpenGL demos are working fine.
So I have no clue why my calls to glDrawArrays are not drawing anything.
I upgraded to Juce 6.1.3 and the issue is still here.

Disabling the shader does not seem to change anything unfortunately.