OpenGL Deprecated in Mojave


Yeah, you would have to port your shaders to Vulkan, which would then be wrapped for Metal transparently to you.

It’s worth noting that this is inevitable anyhow; you’ll just have to do it sooner than you would have otherwise. (See also: switching from fixed pipeline to buffers and shaders.)


Note that Metal’s been around for 4 years. :slight_smile:


On the bright side: Apple has accepted the first MoltenVK game on iOS


Back in business:


Interestingly their video plugin interface FxPlug is completely based on OpenGL, I couldn’t find anything on their mailing list (pro-apps-dev) about deprecating OpenGL…

Maybe yet another Apple stunt to confuse/block competitors…


Don’t forget OpenGL swap-buffers appears to be slowed down on the latest Mac SDK.
I’m also a bit confused about Vulkan vs Molten. MoltenGL is expensive to license whereas MoltenVK is free but only supports Mac stuff. So Molten is a version of Vulkan?
Vulkan also supports the more popular Android & Windows platforms.


From my understanding MoltenVK can be used to convert Vulkan code to Apple’s Metal framework.
Edit: So you’d write once in Vulkan and be able to use that code on all platforms.


Interesting resource on Vulkan:
GDC 2018 - Getting explicit: How Hard is Vulkan really?


Thanks for that link, that was very enlightening. But I am left with the question, what will be the next cross platform standard…

BTW, the FxPlug alternative OpenFX API is also using OpenGL, so I would be very interested, how a future proof API would handle that.