OpenGL in BrowserPluginComponent problem


I am working in a web-plugin which renders something (maps) in the browser using OpenGL.

Now, I am trying to add some juce-components over (some buttons). My problem is: this components disappear after a I call the 'render'  function of the maps.

Am I missing something? What's happens?
Should I specifically invalidate something?


This images show how, when I move the map (I render again), I miss the button.





after render:



(I compared the JuceDemo application and I don't find anything different)

Hey ! Working with Ivan on the webplugin, I found a fix, but I really dont like the ideas :

I think the problem come from the "invalid area" :

* when we triggerRepaint, only our opengl surface is refreshed, since nothing is "invalidated" in juce.

So what I did is add "validArea.clear()" in the "renderFrame" function of juce_OpenGLContext.

I beleive their is problem their, since this should be all handled gracefully in the UI engine, but not sure if we are doing things the right way.