OpenGL Renderer and OpenGL 'components'

How would I use an OpenGL Renderer and some components being OpenGL rendered? It seems like I can only attach one renderer to a Context?

Also, what operations can I do on Components (children of a Component with an attached Context) without them refreshing their snapshot? I’d hope I can move them around and set opacity?

Looking for tips - I use OpenGL a fair amount, but I want to mix a bit more. Anyone played with that?


OK, so Jules - I have a suggestion.

If a parent component has/is OpenGL rendering, then any child components that use OpenGL should, by default, use the parent’s context and render methods.

I hope that makes sense? So each would still get:

createContext (when the parent makes a context)
render (when the parent renders, probably with a new ViewPort set)

This follows all openGL recommended practice (the least possible numbers of threads and contexts) and allows OpenGL within OpenGL and various other fun. It may even help with drawing components on top of each other automagically?


Yep, that’s exactly what I had planned to do, just haven’t had chance to do it yet!

Hi Jules,

just a question, is this done?