OpenGL strange behavioral

Hello, Jules and The Community!

I’m trying to make some OpenGL rendering in my project, but i have some problem with:
My main window contains an DocumenWindow component with some child windows (as shown below)

and when i move one window over the window with OpenGL component in it, i’ve got, this

So, can u tell me, please, whats my mistake? I really dont know ho to solve this :confused:
Many thanks, bye…

P.S. i’m usng Windows XP (SP3) and Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition and Juce version from Mon, 6 Dec 2010 22:38:28…
Sorry for my english.

Ah, that’s a tricky one. Unfortunately, the openGL component has to use an embedded native window for rendering, and the other juce components can’t draw themselves over the top of it.

There’s no way to avoid this happening if you put all your components inside the same window, but if you put all of your moveable windows on the desktop, you’d avoid the problem.

Hello, Jules!
Thanks for Your reply, i sink i’ve got it…
Bye bye…