OpenGLComponent, MultiDocumentPanel, FloatingWindows

Hi everyone,

I started using JUCE a couple weeks ago and I think it’s great. However, I’ve encountered a problem with the MultiDocumentPanel. When I have several FloatingWindows in the Panel, and one of them is an OpenGL window, the OpenGL stays on top even when I click on another window. But, to be more specific, only the OpenGLComponent stays on top – the title bar of the OpenGL Window goes behind the active window as it should. Am I doing something wrong? Or was MultiDocumentPanel not designed to be used with OpenGL?

P.S. I am using Windows XP.

It’s probably not specifically something to do with MultiDocumentPanel, but to do with how OpenGL components are done; my experience of this problem was with Quicktime components. Bringing an video component ‘toFront()’ does not actually change the order of the contexts used - they retain the z-ordering determined by the order of their creation.

I guess if this is to be fixed, it will need some tweak to OpenGLComponent/QuicktimeComponent - perhaps recreating the contexts or maybe it’s possible to change their z-ordering. Not sure how complex an issue that is.