openGLContext extensions null functions


I may have missed something in my code because while the OpenGLAppExemple runs just fine mine encounters an access violation error when i try to access:*

Theses functions pointers are all null by the time i try to call them…

I tried to call


before trying anything else but it does not help

When these functions pointers are initialised ? How does one do that ?

I am using an OpenGLAppComponent:

SynaestheticAppComponent::SynaestheticAppComponent() :

The manager.init() function needs to call some of the* functions

I may not have the right settings as my project is an AudioPlugin
I defined JUCE_OPENGL3 though

I took a look at several posts on the forum but could not find a solution…

Do you have any clue ?

Thank you,

Can you debug your app and step into openGLContext.extensions.initialize() to see what happens?

Thanks a lot for replying, I have been unable to work since then… :confused:

Took screenshots to make it clearer:

And so on…

In the OpenGLAppExemple, openGLContext.extensions.initialise() is called from a thread… and works !

How should i do it ?
Can’t see where this thread is created

Do you need any additional information ?


I noticed the same in my app, and TBH it just looks like initialise() gets called at a later time - when my top-level component is made visible.

Where (or… when?) are you trying to call these GL functions?

As you can see above, at first, i tried to call these functions in my component constructor (manager.init() uses them)

Now i just tried to call manager.init() after the top level component is made visible, like so:

renderWindow = new RenderWindow(*this, “Render window”, Colour::fromFloatRGBA(0.2f, 0.2f, 0.2f, 1.f), true);

And i got the same problem :confused:
Is there any guideline ? How things should be done ?
Can i have the control over the moment this initialisation is done ?