OSC messages outside a local network

Hello everyone, I’m new here. I’m following the OSC implementation tutorial and I got it working fine both within localhost and local network running client and server in two different machines. Next step would be to send and received messages through the internet outside the local network. I’m a noob in this field so please be patient. What I’m trying to do now is to use the OSCsender and OSCmonitor apps running on the two computers: the sender tries to connect to the public IP and port xxx of the receiving computer, sends the UDP packets with the OSCSender .send(). On the receiving side, I set the firewall rule for allowing incoming traffic on port xxx, I set up a virtual server on my router configuration to redirect the traffic on port xxx to my receiving computer’s local IP, and attempt the connection with .connect() to port xxx. Of course it is not working :slight_smile: . What am I missing? Is there any way I can debug the dataflow to see where the communication is failing?
Thank you!

You will either need to manually setup a port mapping rule on your router that maps from your public IP and port number to a local/private IP and port number, or implement some sort of NAT punch through solution.

Two private computers behind routers can’t just send packets to each other unsolicited. You will either need to coordinate a NAT punch through using a server on the internet that they both connect to, or manually setup a NAT port mapping rule on your router(s).